Traditional PVC pouch

Manufacturing, stamping

Welded in transparent or colored PVC in any or stock sizes

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Pin and neck badge

For events and courses

Available in a variety of standard sizes, as well as in individual pockets

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Production of folders

For a sophisticated look

Hardcover high-quality folders made of plastic foil instead of paper, even in custom sizes

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Custom size PVC pouch, booklet cover, badge, case production

Transparent and colorful 100-350 micron thick plastic PVC film making any size shaped bags and cases


Regular pouch

Transparent pouch and pouch of any shape, with multiple pockets in different thicknesses


Self-adhesive pouch

Clear or white self-adhesive surface printed on one side, can be glued to a storage compartment


Flapped or neck badge

Cases can also be made with a fold-over flap or even with multiple holes for hanging around the neckband

Main types of bags and cases

The images are examples of major types only, not all versions. We have ready-made tools for countless sizes and shapes.
We do not manufacture thin nylon bags, nor can we undertake individual welds, repairs, or closures of a few pieces due to the limitations of our technology.

Each bag can be labeled and logged, and the holes can be reinforced with a metal ring.

Bags of any size and design

TypeRegular PVC sleeves

They can be made of clear or colored PVC of any thickness, any shape and closure can be achieved.

Hanging pouches

TypeHanging pouches

They are typically made of a clear material of 250 microns thickness. Available in a variety of sizes and designs, with a variety of hole solutions, including a handle.
The hole can also be reinforced with a metal ring.

The pocket design is also available.

Identity card cases

TypeIdentity card case, card holder

We also produce only ID card cases or cases with flip pockets, which can be labeled with logo.

Egyedi tasak

Booklet covers

TypeFoil pouch for wrapping a small booklet

Usually a welded pouch made of a clear material of 140 microns thickness with a pocket on both sides.

Magnetic pouch, Orgatex, Magnetex

TypeColorful, transparent front pouch with 2 strong neodymium magnets and double reinforcement under magnet. It sticks firmly to the container even when folded or folded.

The bag is a domestic product of any size.


Card holder hard cases

TypeHard cases

Vacuum-formed rigid case, clear on one side and white with screen-printed lettering on the other.

Custom adhesive bags

TypeCustom adhesive bags

PVC pouch in a variety of thicknesses and colors, with a self-adhesive surface on one side for easy adhesion.

A drainage cutout or finger cutout can also be made.

öntapadós tok

Contact badges

TypeContact badges

Nameplate case made of rigid, clear material.

Folders and files

TypeWith cardboard reinforcement and self-adhesive surface

Color cardboard reinforced colored PVC cases with transparent front panel. Document storage folders, file organizers.

  • egyedi tasakok

    Custom sleeves

    Available in any design, size and color

  • nyakba akasztható tasak

    Hanging pouches

    PVC pouch for hanging

  • igazolvány tok

    ID card cases, card holders

    Multi-leaf inside pockets with logo

  • project 4

    Pouch for booklet

    welded foil protective case

  • Orgatex tasak

    Magnetic pouch, Orgatex, Magnetex

    Magnetic closure outdoor pouch

  • project 6

    Pass holder

    Rigid PVC case

  • project 7

    Self-adhesive pouches

    In a variety of colors and thicknesses

  • project 8

    Badge case

    Rigid PVC case

  • Dosszié és irattartó

    Folders and files

    Cardboard stiffened or lockable file holder

Looking for something you can't find here?

If so, please describe your claim, idea, attach a drawing, send us a picture so that we can find the product that best fits your request as soon as possible.

Briefly about bag welding

The foil from which the pouch is made of PVC, polyvinyl chloride, for example, is also used for the pass case.
The bags and sachets can be made of various thicknesses of material, for general purpose we use a clear film of 140 microns (0.14 mm) thick, which is already held, but not too rigid. For thicker cases, we use 180, 200 microns, which results in a stiffer pouch. The pins and pockets are already made of 250 microns and will be quite rigid. 100 microns is the thinnest film we use.

We also use colored foils, white, black are more general, and rarely used colors may require more when ordering.
Each bag can be self-adhesive or made of foils of different thicknesses and colors, for example, the back is thick white and the front is thinner.

Cases with cardboard stiffeners, whether self-adhesive or with trowel or car-lock embossed emblems and screen printing, are no problem.

The film layers are melted by high-frequency welding, approx. 1 mm wide seam. This seam must be taken into account when specifying the size of the bag, ie the outer or inner dimensions. The seam can also be grooved (the tool must be like this) for aesthetics.

The welding requires a tool (template), the same size as the bag, cuts and welds the material in one step. We have a lot of tools of different sizes and shapes, but if you want a bag or a case of a size or shape for which you do not have a tool, we manufacture it.

If you need a pouch that you can't see or find that you can't find here, of course, manufacturing it won't be a problem for us either.

Give us a try! Ask for a quote! You will receive our answer even on the given working day!

Ask for price

Customer reviews

We believe it is important to provide the maximum, so we ask for an evaluation of all our work.
Some of these reviews are:

"Köszönjük szépen, a kivitelezéssel semmi gond. Végre egy cég aki méretre gyárt öntapadó tasakot. Egyedül az elkészítés határidejével volt problémánk."

Folprint Zöldnyomda Kft. Megrendelő

"Gyors, korrekt választ, árajánlatot kaptam. Rugalmas, gyors volt a szállítás is. A késedelmes számlakiegyenlítésért elnézést kérek, türelmüket köszönöm."

Kérlek Segíts Alapítvány Megrendelő

"A termék kifogástalan minőségű és nagy örömet okozott a Gyermekrehab osztályon amiért a 4-es osztályzattal jelezni szeretném kifogásomat azért van mert a csomagolás minősíthetetlen volt. Nem egy dobozban történt a csomagolás, hanem két különböző méretű doboz ragasztószalaggal egymáshoz erősítve, borzasztó kinézet. Véleményem szerint ez is hozzátartozik a cég arculatához. Köszönöm érdeklődésüket."

Kérlek segíts Alapítvány Megrendelő

We strive for flexibility and perfection, and we are creative people.

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